Monday, 10 January 2011

Starting work with a thud

It was only a 4 day week  last week and 2 days were spent away from the work-station.Coventry D50  02-01-2011 10-09-36 We’d an away-day at the Westwood Business School because the office was undergoing some electrical repairs. I couldn’t believe that I could be so knackered. That’s what happened if you had been away for a month. And it was good to be back at work. My colleagues were soo jealous of moi’s golden tan :-).

We sat, listened and stayed awake for 2 days of packed programme. I thoroughly enjoyed the 23 things project which we were encouraged to participate. I will try my best to complete the whole programme with a little help from my colleagues. That should be fun. We also understood what was happening to the other teams/department after the restructuring. Hmm…lots of things had changed and as they say, lessons need to be learned.

I supported my colleague with his presentation on catalogue developments. Coventry D50  02-01-2011 10-12-04 Our department had supported Airpac for Smartphones and introduced an updated version of the library catalogue after the introduction of a new cataloguing interface, Encore in the spring. GLW kept the audience captivated with his presentation. I also attended a talk on the students as researchers. Lots of acronyms used made me glaze over. The talk on annual review gave me plenty of ideas for my next meeting. Overall, I’d an enjoyable 2 days easing my way into 2011.

The weekend was spent just chilling out.Groby Pool D50  09-01-2011 13-15-27 I’m glad the sun finally came out on Saturday cos I did a lot of laundry. After vacuuming the casa, I walked to the Arena to checkout the sales. But I was too late. It had all gone. I checked out M&S, bought 2 belts at New Look for only £2 and tottered on a lovely pair of red heels at Next. But it was just too high for me, 7cm!!! I was gutted. At Tesco, I fell in love with a red tunic and a pair of wedged boots. I’ll check them out next week cos I’d already bought a pair of Crane Active shoes which was suppose to tone you while you walk. So far, I could feel something’s happening…

Suddenly, there was a thunderingBradgate Park D300s  F  09-01-2011 15-46-15 roar with loads of singing and cheering echoing from the Ricoh. The home team must have scored a goal. The Sky Blues team were playing against Crystal Palace. Later I found out that they won 2:1. There will be another major clash on the weekend of January 29/30, when they meet their fourth round tie with archrival Birmingham City staged at St Andrews. That should be a good game. Good luck boys.

It was a glorious day on Sunday. We went for a drive to checkout Bradgate Park. as usual, a pit stop at Groby Pools to feed the natives at a semi-frozen pool. Lots of people were feeding them but they still scrambled for every bit of bread. It was lovely to see these hybrid ducks again.

It came to no surprise to see Bradgate Park Bradgate Park D200  09-01-2011 14-44-44buzzing. Lots of people with dogs so I guess the deer will keep their distance. We’d a lovely walk enjoying the wonderful sunshine and lots of fresh air.  Our favourite noise-box wasn’t seen or heard on the way in. But on the way out, we could hear his distinctive whistling ‘whee-oo’.  And there he was among the mallards, gulls, a tufted duck and a hybrid duck. It was soo good to see him again and I bet he was also pleased to see me with a loaf of bread.

As we continued walking, we saw a Coventry D50  02-01-2011 10-10-57herd of Red Deer stags chilling out in the middle of the field. They were immediately on guard when a few visitors and their dogs got closer. It was lovely to see these handsome males observing the visitors observing them. We got as close as we could to get some beautiful photographs. They relaxed when they know that we were harmless. Just look at those amazing antlers.

We also had an amazing number of birds Coventry D50  02-01-2011 10-11-24feeding from our bird-feeder. It was so lovely to look out of window and see them. We were very honoured to have these feathered friends in our garden. Babe even made yummy fat-balls with peanut butter, peanuts, seeds and mealy worms just for them. Aren’t they the most pampered and well-fed birds in Coventry :-). The birds including Mr. Bushy tail on this posting came over to have a party. They take turns to feed and would wait (im)patiently among the shrubs.

I set the table full of food
And here they come, my hungry brood,
All flocking down with eager haste,
And not a morsel goes to waste.
A blue tit, swift on dancing wing
Is first to find the peanut string,
And then a robin, bold and bright
Is quick to feed . . . and quick to fight!
More mannerly, a song thrust calls
To glean the fruit and fat that falls
While finches swoop with joyful speed
At any sight of sunflower seed.
A blackbird's choice is apples, sweet
Yet sparrows care not what they eat
But gorge as long as food is there
Then fly away without a care.
No "thankyou" ever comes my way
For all the meals I set each day,
But my reward is in their song . . .
I'm serenaded, all year long!

~Margaret Ingall~

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