Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

"The first of January rolls around
Like clockwork it appears
I find it’s timing most profound
As it brings us each new year
Right on time, It’s never late
Has never ever blown it
Apparently this wise old date
Refuses to postpone it
Drink a toast to January one
For annual consistence
It’s coming means the old year’s done
Let’s drink to it’s persistence."

~Stanley Cooper, Happy New Year, 1926~

I called my parents to wish them a very happy new year.   Babe and I celebrated 1/1/11 by taking a long,Coombe Abbey D50  01-01-2011 13-09-43 leisure stroll in the grounds of a thawing Coombe Abbey Park. And we were not alone. Hundreds of people were out and about taking advantage of the lull in the weather.

We were greeted by at least a dozen squirrels at the car-park. It was lovely watching them chasing each other, running up and down the trees and waiting patiently for food. I guess a lot of people have been feeding them. Seeds were scattered on the ground for the birds and off course the squirrels were taking advantage of them too. Babe took a lovely photograph of this wren checking things out.

I brought a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. And again I wasn’t alone. Everyone seemed to have the same idea. There was plenty of food to go around but the natives just seemed to be squabbling over every scrap. It was Coombe Abbey D300s  01-01-2011 13-07-31like a stampede in water.  Vey chaotic and very noisy. Just look at the scene below. The swans even had their necks entwined chasing after a doughnut:-)

We walked through the woods towards the bird-hide. Along the route, we saw herons waiting patiently by the semi-frozen lake. I bet they must have been very hungry. Not much activity at the bird-hide. It was also getting too dark to get decent photographs that we decided to call it a day.

I hoped that everyone had a lovely break and a wonderful time recharging their batteries for the coming year. I truly wish all of you, a 2011 filled with love, health and happiness. My new year resolution is  to be a BETTER person and NO plastic bags!!!

A very big thank you to Zetty for giving  Dee and Emil a ride to UITM, Penang. Coombe Abbey D300s  01-01-2011 13-25-5

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